[ Ru - BAH - toh ]

Emotion-led supervision.

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Simply put, the direction to perform 'with Rubato' is about nuance, and enhancing emotional expression.
It's about connecting with the source material and putting your own stamp on a piece, rather than playing it rigidly as written.


But Rubato is a musical term which has always resonated with me, beyond an instruction for individual pieces of music.

I found myself drawn to it as a description of how I handle music supervision; you cannot approach music supervision with a 'one size fits all' outlook and throw any track under a trailer - there are so many nuances and intricacies to each project that call for subtle changes in pace/tone/instrumentation, and so forth. Just as an editor approaches each edit afresh and with care, I begin any new search with a fresh pair of eyes and ears, weighing up the entire context and inherent emotion and pacing of a project whilst considering how the music can shape and enhance it. 

This is what I strive for in all projects: an approach that goes beyond simply what ‘fits’, and instead helps your project to stand out. 

finding the project's sonic identity

Rubato as an ethos:

the beating heart of a trailer 

no two searches are the same