"...an exceptional ear for what *just works*"

Lawrence Ching

Senior Producer - Silk Factory

'...an exceptional ear for what *just works*'

"Emma has an exceptional ear for what *just works*. She’s able to decipher exactly what is needed and has an inquisitive approach that always pushes the boundaries in all the right places.

Efficient, incredibly knowledgeable, and a constant finger on the pulse of what’s out there.

She’ll make your projects sing."

- Lawrence Ching

Senior Trailer Producer

'...a true master of her craft'

"Aside from a wealth of experience with creative music placement, Emma has a finely honed sensibility for identifying effective cues and cultivating compelling custom work.

Her briefs are detailed and insightful, and her follow-up communication concise and accomplished.

She’s a delight to work with as well as being a true master of her craft"

- Jules Bromley

Creative Director / Evolving Sound

'...leaves no stone unturned'

“I can’t wax lyrical enough about Emma’s pursuit of positively impacting our creative from a musical perspective. Her connections to the music industry and her familiarity with a broad range of music means she leaves no stone unturned in finding the right piece. No matter the challenge she always accepts it with gusto and the final creative is so much richer for having had her input and contributions”

- Vijay Sodhi

Associate Director / Create London

'...a world-class music supervisor'

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emma over the last few years. Her creativity and passion combined with her experience and industry relationships make her a world-class music supervisor and a delight to work with."

- Tom Evans

Producer & Account Director / Audiomachine

'...From an editorial perspective, it's invaluable to work with somebody who can visualise

how a track may work with any given footage'

"Emma is an exceptional music supervisor! From an editorial perspective, it’s invaluable to work with somebody who can visualise how a track may work with any given footage. Emma is extremely creative with her searches, combining both out of-the-box ideas with more traditional routes, resulting in a huge variety of tracks that are always on brief.

She has a real talent for finding fresh music, and understanding why something will work for a particular project. Her extensive knowledge of the industry and the relationships she’s maintained over the years enable her to brief and oversee exceptional custom pieces (The Crown Season 3 trailer among many of them). Emma has a clear creative vision, she’s positive and sincere and above all else is a genuinely lovely person to work with."

- Steve Malik

Trailer Editor / Create London

'...as an editor, I have full confidence that Emma will get me what I need'

"Working with Emma is a dream. Projects can get quite chaotic with mixed input from clients, producers and editors, but Emma always manages to untangle any confusing briefs. Whenever I work with Emma I feel she really listens and more importantly understands what I’m after. She goes above and beyond to get the right music, providing a selection of cues for each interpretation of the same brief. More often than not I catch myself relying on her personal favourites which tend to hit the mark. Emma is an incredibly talented, fun and sweet person. And as an editor I have full confidence that Emma will get me what I need."

- Mick Aerts


'...one of the best music supervisors I've worked with'

"Emma is an absolute dream to work with. She is honestly one of the best music supervisors I’ve worked with in my six years of working in production music. Her briefs are meticulously detailed, and she is super knowledgeable about music. If I were a producer, I would have 100% faith that Emma would go above and beyond to deliver nothing but the best. She’s a music supervisor with a real conscience, and is always pushing to get the best for both the production house, and for composers, which is a rarity in my eyes. It also helps that she is a super lovely, kind, human being!!"

- Karis Jones

Senior Music Consultant / JW Media

'...find[s] the perfect sound for her clients'

"Emma is a delight to work with. Her communication is always brilliant, and her music searches are clear and detailed. Emma champions independent artists and composers, understanding the pool of talent available within her network and their creativity to think outside of the box to find the perfect sound for her clients.

We have worked on some beautiful projects with Emma had a lot of fun along the way. "

- Will Chadwick

Senior Creative Sync / A&G Sync