Emma Middleton:

Music Supervision and Consultation

Creative consulting, searches, and bespoke briefs

Voted '2020 Music Supervisor of the Year'

(AIM Sync)





Searches for trailers/promos/spots for film, TV & games.

Creative consulting; bring me on board in the early stages and I'll help you find a tone for your project. I can help out with 'tonal moodboards', giving you some references and points for consideration, to help you find your feet. A benefit of tackling this early means you can inspire other departments in your team [GFX style, approach for copywriting, editorial pacing] if you're still in the stages of forming a unique world and 'voice' for your project. 

Overseeing bespoke work for trailer projects; I'm a composer myself, so I can give you an idea of the feasibility of your concept or I can handle the whole process for you from idea through to arranging recording/composition with vendors and delivering you some options. 

** ‘Music Supervisor of the Year 2020’ (AIM Sync) **

** Music & Sound Awards Finalist: ‘Best Re-Record or Adaptation for a TV Trailer/Promo’ - The Crown Season 3 **

** Jury panel: upcoming Music & Sound Awards 2021 **

** Jury panel: upcoming 'Best Independent Sync' at AIM 2021 **

** Case Study Speaker at AIM 2020 **

** Delegate at M for Montréal ** 

** Upcoming: Listening Session Expert at AIM Sync 2021 **

My approach to music in more detail...

I have a very 'non-discriminatory' approach to the music I listen to and store for future projects. What I mean by this is: my focus is not upon the name/label, or an artist's 'following', unless a brief requires it.

My focus is first and foremost on what the music sounds like, whether it has a distinctive sound and identity, and whether I can see it fitting anything I might work on. 

If you've got great music, I don't care if it's your first single or your tenth award-winning album...It's all about the quality and if I could feasibly land it in a project.  

In fact, it's a really rewarding experience to uncover unknown artists or composers who are clearly talented at what they do, and expose them to producers and editors.


But one thing I do expect is for there to be metadata in your music!   I don't want to encourage someone to take a chance on an unknown composer and then later find I can't contact them to clear their music...

So, music creators and independent agencies: please do send me your music [AIFF/WAV format + include instrumentals where possible]. If you have a 'niche' sound or you do something very distinctive in your work, shout about it!

Disco inbox link is below.


What is “Rubato” and how do I pronounce it? 



Rubato has long been my favourite musical term - it gives the player some freedom to play with timing and expression. In doing so, you can breathe fresh life into a piece. It gives the piece personality.


This is what I strive for in all projects: an approach that goes beyond simply what ‘fits’, and instead helps your project to stand out. 


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